The Inspiration

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Adonis Arcana was born of the need for a new understanding of masculinity

For years we have heard assumptions of what it means to be masculine:

“A Real Man.” We have had conversations on toxic masculinity – on all the limitations and traumas that this brings not just to men, but to all of us.

Looking for a healthy expression of masculinity, we have come to see that masculinity and femininity are not opposites at all. Instead, they complement each other: both having essential roles in our personalities and our lives. What better way to spread this message than through the iconic Adonis: the ultimate expression of masculine health and beauty.

Our name translates as “The Secrets of Adonis:” The biggest of which is that Adonis looks just like you. He is the archetype of male health and beauty - not limited by skin tone, race, size, age, ability or even gender.  

You are Adonis when you are at your best, at your most confident, at your most empowered.