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What is Adonis Arcana?


Adonis Arcana is a Cosmetics Brand focused on masculine aesthetics. We use the Mythological Adonis as a source of inspiration for our products and visuals. Because we all have a balance of masculine and feminine in our personalities, ALL Genders can enjoy our products and feel included in our story

Masculine Makeup?


Makeup is a tool. Like any other, its effects can vary greatly depending on how it is used. By using the products as intended, along with techniques shared through our social media channels, anyone can achieve an enhancement of masculine presenting features. The intention is what defines the result.

Men can wear makeup too?


Yes! Many men have worn makeup all the way from ancient Egypt to modern day celebrities and politicians. It simply is not a secret anymore. Honestly, If they're on TV, they've got makeup on.

What does the name “Adonis Arcana” mean?


Our name Adonis Arcana comes in part from the God of Male Beauty and Sexuality: Adonis. Arcana however, means "Secret" or “Mystery.” We aim to uncover the secrets of Masculine Allure by sharing with you not only the experience we have gathered in the field; but demystify the skincare and cosmetic application process in its entirety.

In a time when HD visuals are the standard, and a camera is at the ready in every pocket, cosmetic products have taken an unprecedented place in the global mind. We uncover the (up to now) hidden ways in which professional makeup artist have been able to make news anchors, celebrities, politicians and themselves look "naturally perfect" without obvious enhancements.

How is it possible to project a masculine appearance with makeup?


We at Adonis Arcana have put together a set of techniques that enhance a male presenting bone structure, sharpen features such as beards and eyebrows, and naturally disguise imperfections such as blemishes and dark circles while minimizing the over application of product. These techniques, combined with product specifically formulated to look realistic and never overdone come together for a perfect "live" filter.  These techniques are available for you to learn through our Social media channels and website. We recommend you check them out to see what we have made possible.

Are the Adonis Arcana products safe for sensitive skin?

Yes. All the Adonis Arcana products are formulated to be compatible with sensitive skin. Inflammation is a key skin damaging factor that our entire product range considers by incorporating soothing botanicals. In the case where a potentially irritating ingredient is used, we will make formulation and testing efforts to ensure that the product remains suitable for most people. The incorporation of the ingredient will also be noted by the external product packaging (box) and product description on the website

Does that mean that the Adonis Arcana products are Hypoallergenic?


No. It truly is impossible to accurately represent a hypoallergenic product, as this leads to the assumption that no human being on earth will ever have an allergic reaction to any ingredient at any time. In a world where individuals can be allergic to sun, water, physical touch and cold, we do not feel that a term like Hypoallergenic is achievable.

It is important to always know your body and your specific allergies so that you may search for them in the ingredients list of any product you are considering.

Are the products Natural?


We understand the need to use cosmetic products without any harmful ingredients, and we believe that your skin deserves attention to detail and care in formulating products that are safe. We refer to our ingredient philosophy as "Naturally conscious." We err on the side of using Natural ingredients, however sometimes these ingredients are more likely to cause irritation and flare up sensitive skin because of their complex profiles. At other times, harvesting these ingredients may cause considerable environmental damage. In these cases, we choose the safer option of using an ingredient derived from a natural source, or purified through safe methods and practices. We actively seek to avoid any controversial ingredients in our products, as well as any irritants - All while still being open to the benefits of scientific research and sustainable synthetics. 


Because lets face it; poison ivy is as natural... and not a fun time.

Does Adonis Arcana test on animals?

No. Adonis Arcana has never and will never test on animals. We hold this standard with incredible regard and will not sell our products in markets where animal testing is required. Beyond this, we avoid using animal derived ingredients and dyes: we also qualify as a Vegan brand. If there ever is an exception to a product, this will be listed in the product description and outer packaging (box) detailing which ingredient causes that particular product to not be considered vegan. 

What about Gluten?

While this is not a common request, we have ensured that our entire range is free from Gluten. Gluten is usually found as a contaminant in products, and rarely, as part specific ingredients' structure. Because of this, we work with our ingredient suppliers to ensure that the ingredients we use are tested for gluten in every batch. Like our vegan promise, if ever we choose to use an agent containing gluten in any product, we will inform you in the product description on the website, as well as the outer packaging (box) of the product.


Can I find your products at any retail locations?

For now, our products are exclusively sold through this website. Stay tuned however, as retail locations are in the works.

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