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As a compliment to Femininity rather than its opposite - as both exist in every individual at once. By using makeup and skin care to enhance and build confidence, we strike a healthy balance between the two.

Re-defining Masculinity


We believe that You are Adonis at your absolute best – at the peak of confidence, Joy and health. We aim to represent this in by showcasing masculinity in all its forms, regardless of Ethnicity, Age, Size, Sexual Orientation, or Assigned Gender at Birth.

Adonis in Diversity


Skin care and makeup are a way of expressing the ideal vision we have of ourselves. Unlike others in the industry: we do not tear down, but rather build up. By seeing our unique ideal self reflected in the mirror, we bring about that feeling of ecstasy that comes after a fresh haircut, putting on a great fitting suit, succeeding in a challenging task, or going after that dream goal. 



We live in the real world too. There are many people in need from all walks of life and all around the globe. Therefore, we have decided to dedicate a percentage of our proceeds to giving back to our communities. For our first year, we have chosen to support Trans Resistance MA in their mission to Identify and respond to transphobic and cissexist actions, including violence and systemic oppression, through resistance.

Social Responsibility


We believe that true luxury is only achieved when it is Ethical. 

Peace of Mind is essential to Well-Being. We strive for transparency as to the content of our products, avoiding controversial and unsustainable ingredients. We seek to balance a natural and safe cosmetic product line, that delivers in efficiency and use – all without animal testing.

Peace of Mind


The Key to any successful relationship. There is nothing more valuable than the gift of feedback. We are constantly on the lookout for your thoughts and opinions, so we may deliver an experience you enjoy and look forward to.



We believe that taking care of the planet is everyone's responsibility. As such, we give all our clients the opportunity to participate in our Recycling Program. Simply send back an empty Adonis Arcana container to us, and you will receive a discount from your replenishment. Details on the program and how to participate can be found here



Learning and Education are key pillars of our brand. Evolution is using that knowledge with a purpose: to improve the world around us. We are all connected now more than ever before, sharing new ideas and perspectives. Embracing those possibilities is how, together, we evolve.




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