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At Adonis Arcana, we believe recycling is a great way in which we can include you in our efforts to maintain as low a carbon footprint as possible. The goal of this program is to encourage recycling of our primary product packaging. The cosmetics industry is slowly but surely including these efforts as a norm, and we are proud to be leaders in this category. As incentive for your participation, you will receive a 10% discount off the repurchase of the item you send back.  Participation involves the following:

        Once you have chosen to participate, please email with subject heading “Recycling Program Entry”

        In the email body, please mention which empty container(s) you are sending in. 

        You shall receive a prepaid shipping label in our response, along with a unique discount code. This code will be valid for a single use and will expire 90 days after being created. The discount will apply to your next purchase on and will vary depending on how many individual pieces of empty packaging you return to us. 

Recycle 1 piece : 10% off

Recycle 3 pieces : 15% off

Recycle 5+ pieces : 20% off

        Print out the prepaid label and send us your empty container(s)! Easy as that.

We are proud to offer this service to all our clients, without requiring proof of purchase. Regardless of where or how you came across our product, you can receive your code by helping out our program! We must however, limit the offer only to Adonis Arcana products. Please include only Adonis Arcana products in your shipment.



- Currently only available for US customers.

- All of the empty packaging that is sent back for recycling will be recycled through a proper recycling facility. To protect you and your health, returned packaging will never be refilled or resold under any circumstances. 

If you have any other questions as to this recycling program, please email with the subject heading “Questions – Recycling Program.”


As with all policies, this program and its details are subject to change.

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