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What separates us from others?


Made For Him
By Him


Product Development
Focus Groups


Original & Unique

Made for Him - by Him


Adonis Arcana was created by me, Felix. I'm a male makeup artist with over a decade of industry experience both for camera and real life -specializing in male presenting makeup.

As a makeup artist, I regularly saw the struggles and questions that guys face when shopping in the cosmetic aisles. Mainly - What does "Men's Makeup" even look like? Unless you are a Pro, you've likely not seen any examples because the "look" is meant to be unseen. Men's Makeup is a field that makes even the pro's take a deep breath sometimes... No wonder it's so hard to find a good guide!

At Adonis Arcana, I curated techniques and designed products specifically to help you achieve that hyper-realistic "your skin on its best day" look that male-presenting users are looking for. Having said that, women and people from all genders love and use our products. Especially when it comes to the "no-makeup makeup" look; because It's not about a gender... it's about a common goal. 

1) Made by men for men

Product Development Focus Groups

Wish you could make your own skincare or make-up product? 


At Adonis Arcana we bring you in on the product development side of things, allowing you to contribute your ideas, preferences and experiences on Beta formulations - before they launch! 

Our Formulas are perfected with real customer feedback, at times leading to major changes in the direction the final formulas take. These Product Development Focus Groups help ensure that everything is ready for the real world and get some special perks for their contributions!

Throughout the year the community provides various product ideas and other input, helping improve and perfect the final product selection.


Want to have input on the next product we create?

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2) Community Feedback Driven Creations

Original & Unique Formulas

Where others will choose their formulas from a shelf of Ready-Made options and "make it unique" by changing the scent... we rethink everything and build from scratch - Thinking of the male presenting individual from the start.

All ingredients, components, and finishes are reimagined - not just to make you look your best, but to do it in a way that is approachable, realistic, healthy and time efficient. 


We choose Botanical Extracts for Results - Not Just Label Claims. ​The "one drop in an Olympic sized swimming pool" philosophy that has become standard in the industry does not apply here. That's just rude.

Our Choices Come From a mix of Chemistry and Herbalism.

Taking into account studies and scientific data alongside traditional herbal remedies and lore, we create our unique formulations with specific skin goals in mind, giving you everything you need for your skin without over complicating things.

Lastly, you can enjoy the benefits of Hand-crafted Small Batches, ensuring that products are fresh - because no one wants something that has been sitting in a warehouse for 3 years.

3) Original/Unique Formulas
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