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Ingredient Breakdown: Calendula

Welcome to part Three of our ingredient breakdown series! This is a small collection of posts that will dive a bit deeper into specific ingredients that we use here at Adonis Arcana. This will appeal to those of you that are curious to take a more in depth look at both the story behind our ingredient choices and the ways in which these ingredients are used from a skincare perspective. Now it is time to look at the third ingredient: Calendula, also known as Marigold.

Back in Ancient Rome, the Calendula was thought to have magical powers: one of which was helping select the right partner. (You know the ritual… plucking the petals of the flower while chanting “Loves me, loves me not”). While this herb does show up in many mythologies worldwide, the part that I want to share with you is the connection to my Mexican Heritage. In Mexico we most commonly know the flower by its Aztec name: Cempazuchil.

They are a large element in our day of the dead celebrations. This is a day to celebrate and remember loved one’s past. Not in mourning but in communion, being able to spend one more day with them in spirit. According to the Aztecs, the flower represents the fragility of life, and would serve as a spiritual path for the spirits of deceased loved ones to follow. To this day, tradition stands to decorate day of the dead altars with Cempazuchil, allowing the spirits to be with us in the space. When you visit Mexico close to this time, the whole country will smell of Marigold. The love and joy that we feel when these celebrations come around is represented in the use of this amazing ingredient.

Taking it away from mythology though, Calendula has long been known as a soothing and healing flower, while also enjoying fame as an antiseptic and anti-microbial herb . Herbalists have used them to address skin issues ranging from breakouts to minor cuts and scrapes. This very reason is why it is a particularly attractive ingredient in men’s skincare! The act of shaving alone always leads to serious skin exfoliation. Even the razor blades geared towards sensitive skin are still blades brushing the surface of your skin. Yet another reason to include it in the Essence of Adonis.

The Essence of Adonis uses Calendula for this protective benefit. Incorporating it in every product we make helps to not just give a nod to tradition but also to help keep your skin as happy as possible.

I hope you have enjoyed this look behind the curtain for another piece of what makes our ingredients so interesting. In part Four we will explore another piece of our unique mix: The Poppy.

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