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Ingredient breakdown – Pomegranate

Welcome to part Two of our ingredient breakdown series! This is a small collection of posts that will dive a bit deeper into specific ingredients that we use here at Adonis Arcana. This will appeal to those of you that are curious to take a more in depth look at both the story behind our ingredient choices and the ways in which these ingredients are used from a skincare perspective. Now it is time to look at the second ingredient: Pomegranate.

The story of Adonis is intriguing, and action packed from the beginning. The circumstances of his birth end with him being raised in the underworld by its then Queen: Persephone. If the Rose is used to represent Aphrodite, the Pomegranate does the same for Persephone, as it was eating the seeds of this magical fruit that some say locked her fate in the underworld for half of the year. She is the figure that raises Adonis in secret, away from those that would harm him for his birth. Her battle with Aphrodite for his love, is a fierce one. Fierce enough for Zeus, the leader of the gods to get involved. At the end it is decreed that Adonis will spend 4 months with one of the Goddesses, 4 months with the other, and another 4 months with whomever he chooses – Bringing the conflict to a happy end for all.

The battle between two lovers, and the idea that there could be a relationship that included them both (and then whatever he chose in those last 4 months) is amazingly controversial even to this day. Balancing the light and the dark from year to year can make one think of how our skin can benefit from different things from day to night, or even summer to winter.

As far as more practical details, Pomegranates are rich in polyphenols (these are powerful antioxidants - you will find a common thread here). The have some of the same characteristics as Roses: calming and soothing qualities from the antioxidant activity, some amount of Vitamin C in the form of ellagic acid useful for hyperpigmentation and may promote a mild renewal of skin surface.

The Essence of Adonis uses Pomegranate as a dual compliment to the Rose. Incorporating this duo, promotes versatility in the products. In this way, benefits remain consistent regardless of the time of day or weather. It is thoughts like these that help make using the products easier! We have eliminated the need to have a separate routine for day or night, since every product includes ingredients suitable for both times of the day. If your skin needs it or weather demands, using it twice a day is an option that wont involve a compromises or more shelf space.

I hope you have enjoyed this look behind the curtain for another piece of what makes our ingredients so interesting. In part three we will explore another piece of our unique mix: Calendula.

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