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Ingredients Focus – Formulation Philosophy

At Adonis Arcana, we have selected our ingredients based on a mix of skin benefit, story-telling, and safety; leading us to create what is known as The Essence of Adonis. Inspired by the mythological Adonis, we have taken natural agents related to his story and infuse them into all our products. Each one of these components has a story and a purpose on its own. When used together, they form a completely new experience. These extracts cover nearly everything that skin needs to look its best.

Beyond this however, each product carries a thoughtful mix of effective ingredients to give a pleasant and effective experience. Maximizing the concentration of what matters, while balancing performance and safety is what makes our products unique. Where others may add a single drop of an extract to claim it in their marketing, we build our products around our extracts: making them the focus of our formulas. After all, if the bottle says it has “aloe vera” in it, and you discover it only contains 0.25% aloe in water and gelling agents is disappointing right?

When it comes to preservatives though, we know how serious the need is. Mold, yeast and bacteria are never sexy. This has proven to be a difficult conversation with all the controversy surrounding parabens and other preservative types. With different opinions coming from different sources, this could be a post all on its own! Keeping your mind at ease has driven us to choose a middle ground: with Phenoxyethanol as our main preservative. Rest assured that testing has been done and you can enjoy our products without worry. - just keep an eye on that “period after opening” date!

Overall, Adonis Arcana takes a global approach to skin care. We know that skin concerns don’t always fit easily into a box and so, every product we create keeps every concern in mind. We make choosing the right product as easy as possible. You cannot go wrong! Whether you are choosing a product to get a deep cleanse, brighten under the eye or hydrate after your shower, know that your skin will be exposed to ingredients that improve upon the overall look of skin, and not just once piece.

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