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Ingredient breakdown – Rose

Welcome to the First post in our Ingredient Breakdown Series! This is small collection of posts will dive a bit deeper into specific ingredients that we use here at Adonis Arcana. This will appeal to those of you that are curious to take a more in depth look at both the story behind our ingredient choices and the ways in which these ingredients are used from a skincare perspective. Let's start off with one of the most iconic symbols of romance: The Rose

As the story goes, Roses have always been a symbol for Aphrodite. The curious thing here is that it is said that all roses were originally white. That is until the epic love story between these two cosmic lovers reaches its apparent end. No one really agrees who it was that plotted the demise of Adonis, but ultimately Adonis falls to the tusks of a wild boar. A distraught Aphrodite rushes to hold on to her dying lover bleeding on the ground. Her tears of loss mix with his blood and fall upon a white Rose – staining it forever in blood red.

This is a powerful visual. Even though scientifically we know that roses get their color from carotenoid and anthocyanin pigments, the emotional connection that the story shows allows one to enjoy the rose at a deeper level. The next time you see a lonely red rose you will know what I mean.

From a skincare perspective, Roses have long been used to make flower waters and washes to calm irritated skin. They are a common recommendation when dealing with redness, itchiness, and soreness.

Typical components in roses are lycopene (an antioxidant commonly connected to skin regeneration, texture smoothness and protection) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C, used in skin care as a brightening and pigment control agent). The Essence of Adonis uses Rose to address both the Soothing and tone-correcting benefits needed to support skins repair from free radicals and sun damage.

I hope you have enjoyed this look behind the curtain for one of our favorite ingredients. There is more to come in part two with our next feature: Pomegranate!

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